Suzan Rudulph

Medium, Psychic & Teacher

Suzan is a gifted Medium and Psychic who has been drawn to helping others with her sensitivities since childhood. As long as she can remember, Spirit has come to her in dreams and visions that have enabled her to intuitively navigate life and solve logical problems effortlessly.

She spent many years using her psychic and telepathic abilities in a career working with animals. Now, instead of living in service to the well-being of beloved pets, she offers her gifts to people full time, helping them move through difficult or stuck places with her wisdom, humor and grounded yet highly intuitive point of view.

Suzan is honored to be called to do this healing and inspiring work. She has a special way of channeling many specific and emotionally touching details from those on the other side so that the client has no doubt that a connection has been made and their loved ones are okay and still close to them just beyond the veil.

Though she is a lifelong medium and psychic, her professional training and development spans the course of 30 years. Her mentors and teachers include the following from around Orlando and Cassadaga, FL :Steve Atkins, Louis Gates, Maeda Jones, Kim Wade