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Miranda Solace

On December 4th 1993, Hillary Morgan opened a store called Dragonwood to serve the pagan community at 1211 Hillcrest Street. I started working for her in May 1995. In July 1997 she passed the torch to Jack Greeney and the store was renamed Herne’s Hollow. I continued to work there. On April 5th 1999 the store and I “grew up and left home” when I took over with my partner Digby. The store was renamed Avalon for a sacred place of my homeland and to honour my first mentor, Dylan Ap Thuin, who took me there. 14 years later Avalon is still the “Enchanted Island” welcoming new friends EVERY SINGLE DAY and calling our clients — Our Family.

The Philosophy is simple. We provide a place of rest; a place of spiritual reflection and a space to talk about your journey. You will find Books, Incense, Candles, Crystals, Herbs, Oils, Statuary, Faeries, Music, Clothing and All Things Rare and Magickal. We look forward to seeing you soon

– Many Blessings, Miranda.

Avalon’s Staff:

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