Avalon Beyond | ANGIE SMALL
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Angie Small

Angie Small is an experienced psychic, channel, clairsentient, and healer

Angie is a psychic, energy healer, channel, medium, master teacher, and spiritual guide. Angie has been a sensitive all her life and works continuously to hone her skills and connect to Spirit. She derives her information through her senses her primaries are Claircognizance (knowing), Clairvoyance (seeing), and Clairsentience (feeling).

Angie reads like a psychic life coach and works with premonition as well as Akashic Records to help you not only know what you future hold but to help you unlock your potential to create the future you wish to live. She also has a unique ability to help you see situations from a different perspective and how to heal the past energetically

To Book Please Contact Us At (407)-895-7439