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Dean Angelo

Dean’s In-House Hours:

Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm

In-House readings are walk-in only.

In-House readings cannot be booked online. 


For questions about in-house readings, please feel free to contact us at (407) 895-7439.


Dean Angelo has been a reader for over 50 years.  A 5th generation intuitive who started with Tarot, he has studied and practiced in the divinatory arts for most of his life.


Dean has written books, audio books and video instruction in how to read Tarot, Tea Leaves, FIdh Lan sticks and more.   He co-authored a book about the Ogham- The druid tree alphabet, with Suzanne LaCour The founder of The Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Central Florida which paved the road for many of the groups still thriving in and around the state today.


Dean’s approach to readings is very real world grounded and he tends to focus on the opportunities and obstacles coming up and giving you tools to see the opportunities and avoid the obstacles.  His readings tend to focus on YOU and how the people around you may influence you, rather than making far off distant predictions he prefers to focus on a time circle within about 3 months, touching on long term more so when it will be effected by the next steps you are about to take. As magical and spiritual act, he gives readings for the person in the room and avoids psychic snooping on anyone else, even if asked.


Dean’s main tool in the private reading world is Tarot, as most are familiar with it. He also reads Palms, Ogham, Automatic Writing, Auric Readings, Unseen Animal Totem Readings (A guided meditative experience that is very interactive and a two way conversation where your inner animal spirits offer you insights into your part present and future)

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Note: In-House Appointments Cannot Be Booked Online