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Elena Rosa

Munay Ki Sessions by Elena Rosa
The Munay Ki, which means love in action, is a series of empowerment rites based on initiation practices of the Q’ero Shamans in Peru. This ancient lineage utilizes a Mesa bundle, a portable altar containing initiated stones and sacred tools, to clear, transmute, and illuminate the path for self-reflection and healing. This is ideal for those who struggle with unhealed wounds, feeling lost or depleted, and are uncertain about their life’s journey. Focusing on the chakra energy centers, soul retrievals, illuminations, and extractions are some of the processes used to release blockages and restore personal power.  Using the Voyager Tarot Card deck and sand paintings are other useful tools for facilitating healing and awareness with the receiver in the role of Storyteller.
The role of a spiritual midwife is one who accompanies those on a journey to awaken the deepest needs for healing with love and support. Elena Rosa LM, CPM is a licensed midwife, certified professional midwife, and retired massage therapist who has been an intuitive healer since childhood. Being an initiate of the Munay Ki Mesa Lineage, Midwife Elena utilizes sacred tools of fire, stone, and story for you to remember who you are and why you are here.
She takes clients Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday by appointment only.
Cost: $120 for 1 hour or $200 for a 2 hour session. (recommended for best experience)

To Book Please Contact Us At (407)-895-7439