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The Astrology of Healing

By Dikki-Jo Mullen

Prepared and waiting, earlier this week, I wondered what to do. A really difficult and challenging (o.k., a horrible) horoscope sat on my desk. The client was due in any moment and had specifically said she wanted some hope and good news with her reading today! What to do? I wanted to offer an accurate horoscope interpretation, usually its possible to do this from at least some angle in a birth chart. Those who seek spiritual counseling and astrology are often in a cycle of despair and come in to find out when things will improve. But even my Irish diplomacy (that’s telling someone life is going to the devil in a way so charming that he or she will look forward to the trip) seemed as if it would let me down this time.

This particular client was born with a Grand Fixed Cross in the four powerful angular houses. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Leo were moving to activate it by conjoining the natal Moon and Sun respectively. To the trained eye, it seemed obvious that this chart showed a really rough ride ahead, impacting almost every area of life, from relationships to career to health and self esteem. Its all very well to be able to accurately delineate a chart, but it can be another entirely to present the information in an helpful way so the client leaves with an enhanced sense of well being. This person was already quite desperate and I certainly did not want to make things worse for her. Suddenly I had an idea, what about suggesting some astrological antidotes? The very earliest astrologers used these. Gems, herbs, angel invocations, colors, etc. were once used like a prescription to alleviate problems of the mind, body or spirit as shown in the heavens.

A sense of dread at the sight of an upcoming negative Saturn transit, anger and confrontation revealed by Mars or deception by Neptune might be offset by creating an amicable atmosphere (good vibes) in ones surroundings. Feeling better inside might strengthen the ability to keep calm and carry on, despite the celestial storms afoot.

Here is a list of astrological antidotes to help cure or at least neutralize any planetary woes which are gathering to attack your birth chart.

The Moon Cure

A poorly aspected lunar transit will bring gossip, moodiness, insincerity and general instability. The antidote is inspired by a healthy dose of fire influence with just a dash of lunar energy for spice. The main colors are red, bright orange, metals are steel or iron, wear corduroy fabric. Try malachite, red jasper, tigers eye, lodestone or topaz gemstones, wisteria fragrance and serve garlic, peppers and ginger with the main dish at dinnertime. Add the spoonful or dash of lunar influences by serving such as well cooked vegetables or a dairy dish. Additional color and fragrance choices are, sea foam green, velvet fabric, gems include a moonstone or pearl. Add geraniums and ferns as house plants. Fortunately the Moon moves quickly and a difficult lunar passage is ephemeral, lasting just a day or two.

The Sun Cure

A negative solar transit assures bossiness, arrogance and an inflated ego. The Sun is so powerful that it provides its own antidote. Incorporate these into your life to create the loving and reliability as well as stable leadership which Sol can bring. Use sunny colors such as lemon, coral and crimson. Wear gold and use rich fabrics such as brocade and lame or quilted and embellished items. Gemstones are diamonds, rubies, amber and peridot. Fragrances include frankincense and lemon. Have a diet of citrus fruits and fruity breads and cakes (raisin, banana and yes, fruit cake!). Sweeten everything at the table with honey and add marigolds, palms, gladioli or olive trees as house plants. A difficult Solar transit can last up to a month.

The Mercury Cure

When Mercury is afflicted (and retrograde) there is a scattered and fretful energy afoot. Its impossible to concentrate, school work and job performance can suffer. The antidote comes through Jupiter. Try the colors sky blue and royal purple. The metal tin, silky-satiny fabrics, the gems turquoise and amethyst, fragrance jasmine and samples of rich gourmet foods will be good. When the blues build and especially during the evening hours drink cider mulled with cloves and cinnamon or a hot ginseng tea. Plants to have near you are iris, clover, oak trees, mint and blueberry bushes. A difficult Mercury transit can last, when retrograde, for just over two months, usually it’s just three weeks though.

The Venus Cure

When Venus is under siege Laziness, promiscuity, wastefulness and false love abound. There is a lack of motivation and a tendency to drain others.

The antidote is serious and thrifty Saturn. Select deepest navy blues, forest greens and browns as colors. The metal is pewter, tweed and heavy woolen fabrics are best. Try garnet, onyx and lapis as gemstones. The fragrance pine and holly and ivy as house plants as well as a bonsai tree will create a healing atmosphere. Plain and nourishing foods such as oatmeal, baked potatoes, heavy whole grain breads and dressings flavored with sage would be perfect. Apples and popcorn are the best desserts and snacks. A difficult Venus transit, if retrograde, can last several months, usually it’s about 4 weeks though

The Mars Cure

Abusive behavior, accidents, sun burns, destruction, violence, anger and excessive competitiveness go with a negative Mars transit. To transmute this into a positive energy sprinkle moon dust, the cool, gentle Moon is the cure.

Display a dreamy, foggy seascape in your home or work place, perhaps with a lighthouse theme. Take a walk along a lake or go to the sea coast. Select colors in the aqua to emerald range. Wear or carry sea shells, coral and cats eye as well as moonstone. Calm the touch with silver objects, plush and velveteen fabrics. Remember foods that were childhood family favorites. Fruit pies, cookies, vegetable soup or a casserole are good choices. Soothing fragrances are lily or honeysuckle, good plants include willow trees, rosemary, daisies and forget-me-nots. A difficult Mars transit usually lasts about 6 weeks, if retrograde it can be 8 months or so, though.

The Jupiter Cure

When Jupiter is afflicted by transit debts can skyrocket. Theres a tendency to over eat and pile on the pounds, overspend and gamble. Credibility can suffer as there is also a tendency to exaggerate at this time. The cure comes from rational, adaptable Mercury. Colors are mauve, violet and palest blues and yellows. Plastics are good choices for accessories and jewelry. Light weight fabrics such as gauze and chintz will offset Jupiters heavy feeling. Gemstones include beryl, agate and citrine. Try light and crunchy foods such as chips, granola and fresh vegetable slices. The aroma-therapies are licorice, fresh mown hay and lily of the valley. For plants put together a small herb garden with terra cotta pots of marjoram, savory and parsley. A difficult Jupiter transit lasts about a year.

The Saturn Cure

Negativity and defeat are the marks of a rough Saturn transit. It can be offset by incorporating gentle and loving Venus energy into the surroundings. Select cherry or rose as a fragrance. The colors are all shades of pink, light spring green and ivory. Soothing fabrics would be artificial fur and satin, the metal is copper. Favorable gems to wear or carry are rose quartz, tourmaline and canary diamonds. In your diet include peas, lentil soup, rye bread and intricate, beautiful desserts such as petit fours or custards. Flavor with vanilla, strawberries, pears or almonds. The fragrances would be light floral blends, friendly plants to cultivate are narcissus, pansy, thyme, spinach and plum trees. A difficult Saturn transit last about 2 1/2 years.

The Uranus Cure

A negatively aspected Uranus transit breaks down computers and other technology. Accidents, troublesome new acquaintances, breaks in nurturing relationships, nervousness, the bad side of the erratic and unpredictable are afoot. Nonconformity as a passing whim can cause real difficulty as well. The antidote comes from Jupiter. Also remember that Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury, so also consider the suggestions for the Mercury Cure to transcend this difficult time period. Combine Jupiters colors with a dash of Uranus own hues. Select bright, dazzling white, day-glow and electric hues, also royal blue and deep purple. The metal is aluminum, gems are all kinds of sapphires, including the blue star sapphire and the orange India sapphire. Good fabrics are nylon and polyester knit. Foods which can be cooked and served quickly such as micro wave pre packaged meals or take out meals are good choices. Peach blossom is a wonderful fragrance to try and how about setting a small cactus plant on the windowsill? A difficult Uranus transit can last for 7 years.

The Neptune Cure

When Neptune moves into a challenging transit addictive behaviors, illusions, disillusionment and really major misunderstanding reigns. Bring out the spiritual and inspirational energy of this complex planet by calling upon antidotes from Saturn. Check Venus cures too, as Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. Place saurian crystals in the windows to create rainbow effects, as a symbol of hope and good times after the storm. Smokey quartz is a good gemstone, try black, iridescent hues and pastels as color choices. Chiffon and also denim and burlap are good fabrics. The metal is platinum, foods include eggplant, custard, sea weeds and root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and beets. Serve herbal teas with meals. Earthy fragrances such as sage and rue are good aroma- therapies, Flowers to add to the home decor or work place include white roses, tiger lilies, mums or carnations. A difficult Neptune transit can last for 14 years.

The Pluto Cure

Negative Pluto trends bring an intense influence, hinting at rebirth and renewal after a visit to the Underworld. Crime and pollution can be afoot. Its a higher octave of Mars, so consider the suggestions for the Mars cure. Otherwise, its best to meet Pluto with its own medicine. Select earthy colors such as charcoal and chocolate. The metal is wrought iron and the fabric leatherette. Gemstones will include jet, Apache tears and all kinds of obsidian, particularly snowflake obsidian. For a nourishing dinner prepare curry, spicy Indian or Mexican dishes or Italian specialties, but keep the serving portions small. Earl Grey tea or ginger ale are favorable beverages.

Plants include autumn bouquet dried weed and flower arrangements with feather accents and dishes of fragrant potpourri. A difficult Pluto transit can last up to 20 years.

In conclusion, remember that your horoscope resembles a clock or watch face. The beauty and wonder of astrology lies simply in the secret of understanding time. Eventually all of the negative transits will move on, just as the hands of a clock move forward to the future. Be patient and use the mantra “this too shall pass”  meanwhile.


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