Avalon Beyond | The Simple Way to Charge a Magickal Spell
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The Simple Way to Charge a Magickal Spell

The Simple Way to Charge a Magickal Spell or Talisman by Lady Pandora

Imagine, if you will an abundance of swirling light and energy within you.
This is the power that you hold to bring about change within your life.

When you are born you contain the ability to move your arms, legs and other limbs. As you grow you refine that ability to learn to walk and communicate. Everyone is able to perform magickal spells and rituals to improve their lives. It is a matter of faith in your own power and practice to bring that wild “baby” energy out in directed ways. The more magick you do the better it gets!

To Charge a Candle or Talisman:
Close your eyes, breathe calmly and visualize a light within yourself….a light at the center of your being. Hold your candle between your cupped hands. Depending on the purpose of your action you may choose to give a colour to that light (ie: green for prosperity, pink for love, blue for healing etc) See the light grow and fill your torso, flowing up into your shoulders and down your arms. Feel the heat and power of this, your own personal ability to direct healing and changing forces into your external life.

The light reaches your hands and is directed into the item that you hold between them.
While retaining the feeling of the pulsating energy, bring to your mind an image of your patrons….your guides, personal god archetype or deity chosen for this specific spell. Ask them to assist you with their power of manifestation. Give up your hands and arms and heart to link with the power of the “all that is” Join your intention with their intentions for you.
Give thanks and slowly allow the light to draw back into yourself. Breathe deeply and open your eyes. Light your candle

You may try this exercise without the magickal item and concentrate on feeling the energy between your hands like a magnetic force.

Another way to bring blessing and power to an item: After preparing your materials with appropriate attention to correspondences, place the item (candle, pouch etc) outside in an environment akin to the deity or force you are wishing to gain assistance from. Under the moon for goddess energy, among flowers for fairy magick, Sun for purification, Water for healing…….. Leave it there for 24 hours stating that it is a gift for the spirits of the place. They may take it if they wish or leave it for you to collect with an enchantment attached!

Remember! Waxing Moon (new to full) for attracting magick and new projects. Waning Moon (full to new) for banishing obstacles and negative influences, bad habits or weight loss!

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