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Meditation for Miracles

Excerpts from Meditations for Miracles
Diane L. Ross, M.A.,  

This is a collection of excerpts from Meditations for Miracles written by Diane L. Ross which is centered around love, forgiveness, personal growth, and happiness. Each is written as a form of daily meditation, contemplation, and inspiration in all our daily lives. This work was many years in the making and has been slowly and carefully created. Encompassing 365 different daily reflections, it is sure to delight and inspire you every day:

Sometimes your job is to listen to the “quiet.”
Hear the stillness.
To be aware of stillness, you must be still.
To be still invites a richness into your life that you cannot imagine in a hurried, rushed state.
If you are not familiar with this deep, inner quiet, you may fear it.
The fear creates activity which destroys the stillness.
Let yourself go through the fear.
Fear is only a temporary state of not trusting.
When you forget to trust, you become fearful.
Go though the state of not trusting, not knowing.
Go through the unknowing and find the spark of light, the spark of God’s love within you.
Let in the glow of God’s love and allow it to become brighter.
Breathe in the light until it fills your entire being.
Now listen to the quiet.
Let the stillness permeate every aspect of your being.
Listen to the quiet.
Hear no sound.
Let the light of quiet heal you from the inside out, on all levels of your being.
Notice how simple everything is.
Notice how powerful this stillness is.
Notice how full this stillness is.
Notice that as you begin to trust the stillness, the fear is gone.
There is no fear in the stillness of God’s love.
And if you should forget, simply be still and trust.

Seek to see the best in others.
Make a conscious choice to focus on their goodness.
As you focus on the good in others, you not only help them to achieve their best, you help yourself to achieve your best.
Focusing on the goodness in others naturally
raises your own vibration.
What you focus your attention on grows.
Focusing your energy on the goodness in others
is a form of prayer.
This positive form of prayer is the evolutionary force in the universe, because it’s based in love.
When you make the decision to see the best in others, you are coming from the motivation of love.
Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
That’s why the message of Jesus Christ has endured through the centuries — He taught us to
love our enemies!
Why is it that loving our enemies is still a revolutionary idea?
When will we embrace this ancient concept?
We forget that love strengthens the lover.
Love’s very nature heals.
When you make the choice to see the best in others, you make the choice to heal others.
When you make the choice to heal others, you make the choice to heal yourself.
See the best in others and become your best.

There is a difference between spending time alone and spending time with yourself.
It is possible to be alone and never get to
know yourself any better.
There are so many distractions that can be used to fill your time — TV, the internet, videos, music,
etcetera – that in spite of being by yourself, you need to create the opportunity to be with yourself.
Being with yourself allows you the opportunity to become aware of your own thinking.
You can’t be aware of your own thinking if you aren’t
quiet enough to listen.
As you become quiet, you first hear the chatter of the world.
You hear sounds and noises that are outside of you.
As you become quieter still, you become aware of
your own, internal chatter.
You might become aware of a particular song
playing in your head.
You might become aware of snips of conversations that took place in the mind’s memory of the past.
You might become aware of conversations that you imagine may take place in the future.
As you become aware of the activity in your mind,
you begin to know yourself.
You begin to understand what is shaping your life and where your energies have been invested.
You may learn that you have been spending a lot of your energies on worry, fear and blame.
As you become aware of your inner life, you get to know yourself in a whole new way.
Spend time with yourself and discover who you are.

Learning to direct your attention is one of the most important skills you can master. It is through directing your attention that you learn to control your energies and assume your role as co-creator. Co-creation is not as mysterious as it sounds.
Co-creation begins with simply aligning your individual energies with the ever-present Divine energies flowing though you. This conscious alignment begins with focusing your attention,
which is the foundation of co-creation.
Any creation you want to manifest in your life begins with a thought. Manifesting this thought requires that you
focus your attention.
Learning this process is where time comes in.
Time allows you the opportunity to practice.
If it weren’t for the element of time you wouldn’t need to practice focusing your attention because your
thoughts would manifest immediately.
It is how you direct your attention though time that allows you to achieve your goals, to co-create. As you practice focusing your attention you practice the first step in co-creation.
The mystery reveals itself quite naturally through your practice!

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