Avalon Beyond | Kelli
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Kelli is a psychic medium, Pranic/Reiki II energy healer, spiritual counselor, life coach, intuitive teacher, meditation teacher, and crystal healer/ teacher. She works with Archangels, angels, dragons, faeries, and spirit guides. She also does energy work and house cleansings.

Kelli was born in California, but did most of her rearing in the Pacific Northwest. She grew up with a gift that she couldn’t explain and even tried to ignore it as a child. But it clearly could not be ignored. She began listening to her guides and received her first tarot deck in 1996 and performed her first healing session in 1997. From there, her knowledge and abilities have blossomed into what she is to day. With over 20 years of experience doing psychic readings, healings, and teachings she is also trained in sociology and has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in psychology.
Kelli has lived in many places in the United States, such as WI, NV, and KS. She currently resides in Orlando Florida for over 10 years raising her two children. She is a full-time intuitive psychic helping people through private sessions and working at Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. In her free time, she creates pendants of stones for healing or other energetic purposes. 

Kelli’s utmost goal in life is to help people and heal their mind, body, and soul through various learned and trained techniques.


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