Avalon Beyond | Readings
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Avalon hosts a select group of ethical intuitive readers and healers. Our late “house reader” of 14 years, Kim, used to say that her clairvoyant abilities weren’t a gift…they were a talent. By this she meant that we all have an intuitive side and those who are led to reading as a service and vocation are humbly offering their naturally developed capabilities to walk alongside and guide their clients. It isnt mysterious……but they have found their patch of the Dharma quilt!


Reader Fees: $50 for 30 minutes.  $90 for 1 Hour.  Sunday Special $25 for 15 minutes. Cash Only.


When you come in for a reading you may consider whether you are looking for a psychic, a medium, astrology or other modality. Some of our readers cover multiple talents. A psychic intuitively reads from energies present at the time, and/or uses a tool such as tarot or oracle. A medium may receive messages from departed loved ones or spirit guides. Astrology uses the science of the stars to map out your chart, view your strengths and challenges and can look at upcoming planetary events which may affect you. Please be able to provide your date, time and place of birth for accurate astrology readings.When you decide to have a reading you will be asked to read the release form and sign in.

Individual Reader Schedules Vary. Please call 407 895 7439 for daily reader. Readers are on site 2-6pm weekdays and 12-4pm weekends